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Law Firm Specialization

CITech Solutions has been providing IT solutions and support to local law firms for over 10 years. We understand the nuances and unique requirements related to IT demands in the legal environment. We provide guidance and solutions related to:

  • Automation of Capturing Costs for copies, faxes, printing, etc.
CITech develops database applications that automate the capture and calculation of case-related office costs. The results are then uploaded to the firm’s accounting system, greatly reducing the input time for the Accounting department and ensuring the accuracy of the data.
  • Litgation / Case Support Tools
CITech has great experience with Litigation Support applications such as Summation and Concordance. We were responsible for managing the Database of a document review of over 15,000,000 pages, including the loading, indexing, database and form development, monitoring, reporting, etc.
  • Intranet / Web Based Applications
Many firms are constantly distributing firm information in paper form, including Phone Lists, Case Lists, Distribution Lists, Benefit Info, Forms, etc. The Intranet provides a central location for all this information and allows for searching, sorting, viewing and even printing, if necessary. We have included on the Intranet an electronic In/Out Board, PTO Tracking and Reporting, Annoucements, Phone Directory, Case Lists, Employee Directory, etc. The information is available to anyone in the office and while working remotely via a secure logon.
  • Time Entry Web Based Application
CITech Solutions has developed customized Web Based Time Entry systems for multiple law firms. Web Based Time Entry allows users to input time whenever and wherever an internet connection is available. The entry is familiar to the user while special attention is given to required fields and automation of input. The Web Based Time Entry application does not require a license for the firm’s accounting software. Users of the system are able to recap their time on a Monthly Calendar or through a Search function, so timekeepers are always aware of the total hours input within a given time period.
  • Paperless Office Tools
Faxing remains an essential function in law firms. With Microsoft Technologies and modem, CITech can configure your server to send and receive faxes electronically. Incoming faxes are delivered to the intended recipient(s) via email for review. The electronic form of the fax allows for easy distribution and filing within a folder or DM system. Outgoing faxes are sent directly from the user’s PC, with delivery confirmation arriving via email - again allowing for easy electronic filing.

Pleadings Index - Incorporated with the Intranet is a web-based Pleading Index. All documents typically contained in a Pleadings "Clip" are scanned or saved in electronic form and filed on the online Pleadings Index. Once filed, paper copies are destroyed. The filed Pleadings are available to attorneys through the intranet, bypassing the need for paralegal or secretary assistance. Due to the electronic format, the Pleadings can easily be emailed to others. Our law firms have found this to be a very useful and productive tool for the assistants on a case and the attorneys appreciate the quick, and always available, access to the file.

Document Management Systems - The DM systems of today provide a great tool for reducing paper. Each system is capable of filing electronic documents. Most law firms are now equiped with good scanners. By combining the use of scanners with a DM system, many offices can move toward a paper"less" environment; saving money on storage, filing supplies, person-hours, and concerns of lost files. Several of our clients are scanning and archiving closed files, greatly reducing the need for external storage and retrieval costs.

  • Connecting Offices and Remote Users
A growing number of people need the ability to work while traveling to multiple locations or from home. With High Speed internet connections and proper equipment, CITech can securely extend your office for those needing to work remotely.